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Organizing and Sharing media and images has never been easier.


Modern UX Design

Developing pixx.io we have always the best possible User Experience in sight: simplicity and effectiveness of the GUI let users come to goal as quickly as possible. The code and technique of pixx.io is optimized for rapid loading times, availability and uptime, no standstill. Use pixx.io whenwever and whereever you want, thanks to our apps even on the go on your smartphone and tablet.


Make your search smart and easy

Find your picture among tens of thousands in fractions of a second, pixx.io smart search makes it possible: The search engine has all keywords, file names, descriptive texts and metadata ready, provides suggestions for autocomplete and intelligent recommendations for delimitation. Numerous sorting and filtering options help users find and filter results - such as file type, format, license and location.


Organizing your media pool - fast, clever, individual

Organize your pictures and media the way you want it - super easy and fast with pixx.io.


Easily add keywords
Your media files should be found as quickly as possible: Tag your media pool, our automated keywording supports you by recognizing image contents. Create a dictionary to provide keywords or allow users to use their own tags.


Import of all metadata
With the upload we import all metadata, which are deposited in the picture and media files. You determine what information is important to you and users should see first. Set which fields are indexed by the search and which ones should be editable for pixx.io users.


Individual Metadata
Article numbers, years of construction, sources? For the right order, sometimes individual metadata fields are needed. You can create these yourself with pixx.io - of course the dynamic metadata will be indexed for the search.


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Rights Management

Which users get access to what? Who is allowed create and share collections? Create new keywords, edit metadata and manage licenses? You decide! The extensive rights management of pixx.io leaves much room for the implementation of your ideas. New users and rights groups are set up quickly and easily, and if you wish, you can take over existing Windows access data with just a few clicks.


Always an eye on Licences, Model and Property Releases

Minimize the legal risk: At first glance, users recognize the purposes for which an image may be used, which licenses are behind them and which model and property contracts and releases have been deposited. Important passages of the license documents can be marked in the license administration and displayed clearly for all.


pixx.io Plugins for a seamless media asset workflow

pixx.io integrates your media pool into common creative and editing applications, eliminating unneccessary waiting times between departments, searching, formatting and saving.


Adobe Cloud
Search your pixx.io media pool directly in the Adobe Cloud programs and load pictures and graphics for editing in Photoshop and InDesign. Save the edited media as a new version or as a completely new file back into pixx.io, where they are immediately available to all users.


Microsoft Office
With the plugins for Microsoft Office you sift through your image pool and automatically load media in the correct format into the PowerPoint, Excel or Word document: No more pixelated images, no performance breaks caused by oversized presentations.


CMS: WordPress and TYPO3
We have also linked pixx.io to content management systems such as WordPress and TYPO3 and thus bring order to the confusing CMS media center: release selected collections for use in the CMS and search the image pool as usual in pixx.io.


Connect pixx.io to any third party system

You have another application in mind? The pixx.io REST API is the interface between pixx.io and any third party software. So simply link pixx.io to a system of your choice.


pixx.io on the go: always ready for use

Take your media pool with you everywhere and access your pictures and media files via smartphone and tablet. Browse, filter and edit your media as you would expect from pixx.io with the native apps for Android and iOS devices. Use the upload function to upload pictures directly to pixx.io at the scene and make them available immediately.


More time for the essentials, less stress

pixx.io compresses your media workflow. By optimizing your image management, you can find media files much faster, share image and video files super easy and integrate your entire media pool into common applications. Everyone knows at any time, which media may be used for which purposes. Teams also work together more comprehensively: no bottlenecks, no sources of error.


Sharing media files - Your rules

With pixx.io you share content with external recipients as you wish: In which formats should the media be available? Should a watermark be inserted? Should the access be restricted? Even internally, you can release collections with just a few clicks for individual users or entire rights groups.


Smart Press and Media Portals

Intuitive, responsive, smart: Make your collections available in media and PR portals - quickly and easily created and adapted to any brand or CI. Create portals that employees, customers, partners and journalists love in just a few clicks!



The security of your data is our highest priority. That's why we basically encrypt traffic and use only hosters with the highest security standards and regular backups for our cloud solutions.


GDPR compliant

Of course, pixx.io meets all requirements of the strict data protection regulation. Do not worry: Even in exchange with users of the press portal, we ensure that DSGVO and GDPR are respected.


Server Location

The pixx.io servers are located in high performance data centers in Germany. This guarantees the validity of the strict data protection law and also the fastest possible connection and maximum availability.

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Marketing Teams

Access images cross team much faster, with more time and less stress when organizing, sharing and integrating the media pool.



Find your media quickly and share it with customers and partners, always keeping the current file version ready and all licenses and contracts in sight.



Get pixx.io on your own server, connect the media pool with the API to any third-party software, and comply with corporate compliance.



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