PR and media portals
with Wow! effect


Media- and Press portals loved by customers, journalists and your staff


Intuitive, responsive, smart

Our media portals are not only super chic, users can also find their way around immediately thanks to the modern GUI and intuitive design.

Intelligent search

The Smart Search actively supports portal users from the first keystroke with auto-completion and intelligent suggestions for further keywords. This way, the searched file is found in seconds.

Downloads always in the right format

Users collect images and media for download in the shopping cart or they download individual files directly. Users select the desired image format for downloading.

Fancy press and media portals,
created easily and quickly


Scalable, customizable, created with a few clicks

Whether only one collection or hundreds: Our portals are highly scalable and always perform well. In just a few minutes a media portal is created and adapted to the desired CI or brand. Define download formats that are available to users.

Licenses and terms

Store texts, such as the imprint and data protection conditions. Optionally, users must accept terms of use when logging in and downloading.

Publicly accessible or password protected

You decide: Should your portal be publicly accessible or should it be password protected? Create new users yourself or activate the registration function - of course in compliance with GDPR and the German DSGVO.